Crafting Canvas:

Your Voice in Shaping the Future of Art Supplies

Explore your creative choices when purchasing acrylic paints and crafting products. Your voice in “Crafting Canvas” is crucial to shaping the future of art supplies. Participate and make your perspective count!

    What is your Country of residence?

    What is your age group?

    Are you familiar with DecoArt's Americana acrylic paints?

    What is your preferred brand of acrylic paints for crafts? (You can mention more than one)

    Where do you prefer to buy your craft and acrylic paint products?

    How often do you purchase acrylic paints or craft products?

    Which factors influence your decision to purchase acrylic paints or craft products the most?
    (Select up to three options)

    Do you prefer to buy your craft products in physical stores or online?

    What is your preferred information channel to discover new acrylic paint or craft products?

    What features do you value the most when choosing acrylic paints?
    (Select up to two options)

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